5 Impressive LinkedIn Tips to Help You Market YOUR Business & Start Being Seen as the Industry Leader You Are!

LinkedInWouldn’t it be nice to have direct access to thousands, if not millions of valuable connections? LinkedIn offers that – and so much more, whether you’re looking to connect with customers or market your business, it’s truly a social media powerhouse designed to help you reach your marketing goals.

Become A LinkedIn Expert Immediately

If you’ve already made a profile and you’re not quite sure what to do next, here’s 5 great tips to help you get started:

  1. Start your own group: This is the simplest tip, but groups are fantastic areas to start discussions and create brand engagement while developing more authority in your field. If you start your own group, you’re able to stand out as a leader.
  2. Tag connections in posts: If you see a post that reminds you of one of your connections, don’t hesitate to tag them, especially if you think they’d benefit from reading the post. Just use the ‘@’ symbol to share the content with them.
  3. Send a message when connecting: For most people, the ‘I’d like to add you’ default message is sufficient when trying to connect, however, this seems impersonal. Send a message of your own instead!
  4. Endorse your connections’ skills: When you endorse your connections’ skills, you’re increasing the likelihood of them boosting your skills, which is something that makes your skills seem trustworthy and valuable to others.
  5. Make comments and give feedback: Once you’ve joined a few groups, start engaging with the groups’ audiences and make comments/give feedback. Keep in mind; comments and feedback must be relevant and valuable to readers.

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