A Sports Medical Support Manufacturer Eliminates a Potentially Costly & Significantly Disruptive Cryptolocker Infection Thanks to Silvertip IT!

Cryptolocker, a form of ransomware, infects users’ information systems and encrypts their files via spam emails with malicious attachments, drive-by download attacks from infected websites, and other types of malicious activity. Once the files are encrypted, the cybercriminal behind the ransomware demands a payment for the decryption key, in order for the victim to unlock the files.

Unfortunately, cryptolocker is on the rise; and when a sports medical support manufacturer’s systems and line-of-business applications were infected, they knew they needed to resolve the infection quickly – before they lost too much time and money!

The Consequences of Ransomware Are Vast & Costly – Unless You Have Reliable Data Backup & a Great IT Support Company to Help You Out!

When the infection occurred, the medical manufacturer knew their trusted IT support company would be able to resolve the issue and get them back up and running quickly. Their vice president explained, “Silvertip IT is our outsourced IT provider. Whenever we have issues, whether it’s something as basic as a glitch in our email or something like installing new programs, they find a way to get things done for us.”

He continued, “Sometimes they recommend other companies. Right now, we’re running cables across our office to build new offices and there’s a wealth of information in terms of local vendors and such. Silvertip IT is our go-to for everything – from day to day simple tasks to server installations to helping us get some guys in here to lay cables.”

Silvertip IT to the Rescue: Taking Care of the Infection to Get the Medical Support Manufacturer Back to Work ASAP!

On September 16th, 2014, the sports medical support manufacturer called Silvertip IT because their workstations were performing very strangely, including their line-of-business application, Ship Gear Application, which facilitates moving orders from their accounting package and getting them into UPS WorldShip.

During the call, the owner mentioned something about encryption and documents being corrupt. Shortly after receiving the call, Silvertip IT arrived onsite and started working to resolve the issue. What was done to eliminate the infection? That’s simple, Silvertip IT:

  1. Verified the issue as cryptolocker and isolated the admin assistant computer.
  2. Checked other workstations for infection then logged into Hyper-V Server.
  3. Determined what files were encrypted and created a file restore from 12 am.
  4. Created a backup for current system state at 5:50 PM.
  5. Used a file compare tool to find changed files & replace with the files from backup.
  6. Repeated the process for mapped drives & restored files on admin assistant computer.
  7. Make sure their line-of-business applications were functioning and removed admin assistant computer for cleanup/re-image.

Once finished, the infection was eliminated by 8 pm and the sports medical support manufacturer was ready for business the following day – with minimal disruption or downtime.

The vice president offered some insight into their experience working with Silvertip IT, “They know what’s going on and they’re always making recommendations to help us make things better. IT is an area we don’t have to worry about! If there’s an issue, we call or email and they get back to us. They’re quick to react to everything, and they always do a great job!”

Looking to prepare your information systems for a potential ransomware infection? Give us a call at (425) 998-9199 or send us an email at cslade@silvertipit.com. Silvertip IT is the preferred IT support company for businesses in Bellevue, Redmond, and Seattle.

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“I can’t emphasize enough how much we rely on and trust the IT professionals from Silvertip IT. Silvertip is always available when needed, whether remotely, in our office, or over the phone.  We can rely on Silvertip IT whether it’s during office hours, evening hours, or on weekends. And believe me, we needed them because before they we found Silvertip we had our share of IT issues!”

-Shimizu and Shimizu CPA
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