3 Hidden Secrets Other IT Companies in Bellevue Won’t Tell You About Their Service

When you’re looking for the best IT services for your business in Bellevue, Redmond and Seattle, does it often feel like you’re not getting all the information you need?

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That’s because most other IT companies in Seattle, Bellevue or Redmond are leaving out info that could be essential. They’re getting away with providing mediocre services and letting your business suffer. But at Silvertip IT we pride ourselves on giving you the whole story – letting you know what those other companies in Bellevue are leaving out. So, what do you need to know that other IT providers aren’t telling you?

  • Regular Maintenance is Essential

Too many other companies will get you set up and then just disappear. But IT systems require regular maintenance from your IT company to keep them running effectively. Your system will always be functioning at its absolute peak with Silvertip IT, because we know that maintenance and upgrades are essential. Plus, we meet with you regularly to discuss any questions, concerns, or goals you have. You’ll always been in the loop about how we’re servicing your system.

  • Mobile Devices Need Protection Too

You see it more and more every day – employees are using mobile devices around the office and to access company data and files from other locations. Keeping your data secure is absolutely crucial so you need to be sure that devices are protected wherever they go. Most other IT companies will skim over this fact, but mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets that are being used for work need protection, and we provide it.

  • There are Always New Threats

With technology constantly evolving and cybercrime becoming more and more common, there are always new threats looming. Most other IT companies will tell you that you’re totally safe once they’ve got you set up with the essentials – but it’s just not true. It’s hard to defend against unknown threats, but we do our absolute best, monitoring your system 24/7 so issues will be dealt with as soon as they come up. We also backup and encrypt all your data so that it’s secure but always accessible if you’re hit with a disaster or network crash.

To get in contact with the best IT services company in Bellevue, Redmond & Seattle reach out to Slivertip IT at cslade@silvertipit.com or by phone at (425) 998-9199.

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“I can’t emphasize enough how much we rely on and trust the IT professionals from Silvertip IT. Silvertip is always available when needed, whether remotely, in our office, or over the phone.  We can rely on Silvertip IT whether it’s during office hours, evening hours, or on weekends. And believe me, we needed them because before they we found Silvertip we had our share of IT issues!”

-Shimizu and Shimizu CPA
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