Does Your IT Company Have To Cross I-90 or the 520 Bridge to Service You?

That’s Not a Good Idea, and Here’s Why

Bellevue IT Support

Many Businesses In Bellevue and Redmond Rely On IT Services From Seattle.  Did You Know?  There Is Great IT Support In Bellevue & Redmond!

When you’re dealing with issues related to your system, there’s no time to wait for help from your IT company. You need to know that they can act quickly, getting you up and running and stopping any issues from leading to downtime and lost wages. If you’re losing time while your support team travels across the I-90 or the 520 bridge, your system will be compromised.

When your computer crashes or servers are inactive, you need help right away!

The Support You Need 

  • 24/7 monitoring allows us to keep an eye on your system at all times, so we can see when threats are emerging and putting your system in harm.
  • Remote monitoring gives us access to your system when we need it, so that if an issue occurs, you don’t have to wait. Even just a short amount of downtime can lead to loss of productivity and morale among employees, lost business opportunities and wages, and perhaps diminished lost trust among clients.
  • With remote maintenance we can have full visibility into your system and can determine what’s causing your issues, and then deal with it without having to come to your place of work – effectively solving your problems without all the downtime in-between.

Keeping You Covered

  • The last thing we want is to see your business crippled because of insufficient protection. If an issue does get out of hand, we’ve always got protection in place so you can keep working and not worry.
  • All of your data and important files are backed up on and off site so that they’re secure but easily accessible when you need them. You can keep working through anything.

To get set up with an IT company that will repair your issues as soon as they arise and always accounts for everything, reach out to Slivertip IT at or by phone at (425) 998-9199.

IT Support Companies in Seattle

“I can’t emphasize enough how much we rely on and trust the IT professionals from Silvertip IT. Silvertip is always available when needed, whether remotely, in our office, or over the phone.  We can rely on Silvertip IT whether it’s during office hours, evening hours, or on weekends. And believe me, we needed them because before they we found Silvertip we had our share of IT issues!”

-Shimizu and Shimizu CPA
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