MBA Now Says “No Worries!” Since Relying On Silvertip IT

Master Builders AssociationMaster Builders Association (MBA) is the nation’s largest local homebuilders’ association serving the Greater Seattle area and all of King and Snohomish Counties. They’re the trusted source for professional referrals and practical information for consumers and membership benefits for contractors. Their staff of 45 employees and volunteers provides services to over 3,000 members, along with support for promotion, insurance coverage, and government affairs issues.

Insurmountable Worries For Their In-House IT Staff

MBA had been managing their IT in-house with the help of two employees who needed assistance with:

  • Unreliable and hard-to-recover backups (on tape)
  • Patching and effectively managing 45+ workstations
  • An understanding of how the entire network worked
  • Resolving systemic problems

Janna from MBA had been assisting with IT management but needed to forgo these worries so she could handle her full-time job responsibilities. She also knew MBA needed a better backup system, as well as disaster recovery protection, technical up-to-date IT expertise, and reliable 24/7 service.  So Janna and her colleague Rick suggested MBA contract with Silvertip IT for 100% Managed IT Services, including:

  • Full Managed Services
  • Full Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Wi-Fi provided as service
  • Cloud-Based File Sharing
  • CIO Consulting
  • A single point of contact and accountability for problems, questions, and future growth planning.

Cameron and the team from Silvertip IT implemented:

  • Installed a new SBS 2008 running on a Dell T710
  • Consolidated 3 servers into a single one
  • Replaced old onsite PBX with a cloud-based VOIP Phone System
  • Implemented state-of-the-art remote monitoring, support, and remediation technology
  • Reduced security risks and increased user productivity by keeping all applications and operating systems patched and up to date.
  • Tracked all work and changes via a help-desk ticketing system
  • Implemented a Business Continuity Solution with continual monitoring, verified server backup, and offsite backup storage
  • Provided a Cloud-Based File Storage Solution to give mobile users the ability to easily access corporate files
  • Ensured no downtimes
  • Upgraded all workstations from Windows XP to Windows 7
  • Implemented a flexible and secure wide Wi-Fi network

Silvertip IT worked with partners including Dell, Meraki, Sonicwall, Equus, G12 Communications (VOIP), Comcast, and Integra Communications.

A Happy Crew!

Today Janna, Rick, and the team at MBA are extremely pleased with their decision to use Silvertip IT.  Janna remarked: “I love the fact that I don’t have to think about or deal with IT issues anymore!  I’m so happy!  I can now concentrate on website development and more interesting aspects of my job!  Plus I have more confidence in our network and backups, and know that our data is safe 24/7.”

According to Rick, “Since contracting with Silvertip IT, the staff at MBA has had a few accidental deletes of emails and contacts but with our new disaster recovery solution the data was easily and quickly recovered.  Before Silvertip IT we would have had to use a tape backup to recover our data, which would have taken a day of our time. Today, a quick phone call to Cameron is all we need to do, and the data is retrieved in just one hour!”

MBA Considers Silvertip Part of Their Staff 

Janna went on to say, “With Silvertip IT we’re always up on the latest technologies. We consider Cameron and the team as members of our own staff. Cameron has a knowledge of what programs we use, our business practices and helps us use IT to support our operational planning.”

Cameron says: “I totally enjoy working with all the staff members at MBA, they treat me like one of the team. I’ve worked individually with all of them.  They’re receptive to my ideas and ways that we can improve IT to meet their short and long term needs.”

When asked how Janna likes the new Wireless network and how Silvertip IT’s partnership with Meraki has helped she responded: “It has provided a really valuable service; our staff has the security of encrypted Wi-Fi, and businesses that rent rooms from us have their own secure Wi-Fi.  We also have security for our guest networks when member volunteers works onsite.  Throughout all of this, our corporate network is isolated from the guest networks protecting our data and communications.”

“No Worries!”

Rick exclaimed: “We’ve been completely satisfied working with Cameron and Silvertip IT for the past 4 years. The disaster and recovery solution was the first service they implemented, moving our data to a safe offsite location.  If we lost our data, accounting, and business files, we wouldn’t be able to serve our members.  Plus, our staff would panic when they couldn’t communicate via email, use the internet, or couldn’t access membership or business data.  When this happened, we were at a complete standstill.  “Now we have ‘no worries’ with the IT services and support from Silvertip IT!” 

Silvertip IT has the knowledge and experience to take care of your technology and make it work for you. To learn more about our services and how we can benefit your business, give us a call at (425) 968-5284.

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“I can’t emphasize enough how much we rely on and trust the IT professionals from Silvertip IT. Silvertip is always available when needed, whether remotely, in our office, or over the phone.  We can rely on Silvertip IT whether it’s during office hours, evening hours, or on weekends. And believe me, we needed them because before they we found Silvertip we had our share of IT issues!”

-Shimizu and Shimizu CPA
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