A Small CPA Firm Looks to Silvertip IT for the Trustworthy IT Services & Support Needed to Keep Their Data Protected & Their IT Systems Functioning at Peak Performance!

Shimizu and Shimizu, a small CPA firm in Bellevue, WA, specializes in serving healthcare organizations through a wide range of accounting, auditing, financial, and consulting services. When Shimizu and Shimizu’s previous IT support company decided to stop working with small companies, they knew they had to find an IT support company to handle their information technology needs while keeping their clients’ confidential information secure.

As a CPA firm, Shimizu and Shimizu depends on their information technology to keep them productive and profitable while enabling them to store, access, and transfer confidential data in a secure manner. When their information technology fails, they need quick and reliable IT support to fix the problem and get them back up and running.

The Situation: A Need for Reliable IT Services & Support After Their IT Support Company Stopped Working With Small Firms

After their previous IT support company decided to stop working with small firms and start working with large companies, Shimizu and Shimizu started searching for an IT support company that offered reliable IT services and support to keep their information technology up and running while securing their confidential data.

Diane Condon, CPA at Shimizu and Shimizu, explained, “We had to look for another IT support company and we interviewed a few. As a CPA firm, we don’t have an internal IT person and I don’t have a lot of time or knowledge to provide our firm with IT support. I needed an IT support company that could back me up and do all the things I couldn’t do – and do them when I called.”

The Resolution: An IT Support Company to Backup Their Data, Secure Their IT Systems & Provide Responsive IT Support

After interviewing Silvertip IT, Shimizu and Shimizu decided to work with them for all of their IT needs! Fortunately, Shimizu and Shimizu was able to contact the team of IT experts when they accidentally deleted all of last year’s tax reporting forms! Diane explained, “For them to be able to recover that information quickly made a huge difference in terms of being able to move forward on the project we were doing.

She continued, “Their helpdesk is fairly responsive to us. They’re able to help us as soon as I contact them. Plus, they do monthly maintenance, backup and storage, purchase new computers when we need them, provide on-site support, and much more! We have to have everything secure and we have to trust that our systems are safe. We have to know, as a matter of fact, that everything is secure and Silvertip IT helps us do that!”

When all of last year’s tax reporting forms were accidentally deleted, Shimizu and Shimizu contacted Silvertip IT, who assured them that there is a backup in place and restored the data in the same day! Diane spoke of the importance of backup, “It’s incredibly important for us to have backup. When we’re doing tax returns, we have to have the information from prior year’s tax returns, otherwise, it’s incredibly hard, if not impossible, to do. ”

She offered some last words, “I’d recommend Silvertip IT, they’ve been fabulous to work with – since it’s my job to be the computer person, they’ve taken a lot of stress away from me knowing I’m able to call them when something breaks or an issue occurs.

Your CPA firm needs the most trustworthy and dependable IT services and support – and that’s exactly what we offer! To learn more, or to schedule a no-obligation IT assessment, give us a call at (425) 998-9199 or send us an email at cslade@silvertipit.com. Silvertip IT is the preferred IT support company for CPA firms in Seattle, WA.

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“I can’t emphasize enough how much we rely on and trust the IT professionals from Silvertip IT. Silvertip is always available when needed, whether remotely, in our office, or over the phone.  We can rely on Silvertip IT whether it’s during office hours, evening hours, or on weekends. And believe me, we needed them because before they we found Silvertip we had our share of IT issues!”

-Shimizu and Shimizu CPA
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