Is Your Bellevue IT Company Talking to You About Windows 2003 Server End of Support?

In July 2015, just a few months from now, Microsoft will be ending its support of the Windows 2003 Server operating system. Many companies in the U.S still operate on this system, and being uninformed about the changeover can lead to trouble for your network. This looming cutoff date doesn’t leave a lot of time for IT companies to update existing systems or map out total transfers of your existing work to the loud, and they should be letting you know about the switch now.

Unfortunately very few businesses currently operating on Windows 2003 Server have actually calculated a plan for the changeover with their IT company.

What Don’t You Know?

IT service providers in the Bellevue, Redmond & Seattle area should be informing you about the potential risks of not being prepared for the end of Windows 2003 support.

  • Deciding on a strategy or method to lessen the risks with switching over can be hard and it’s totally reliant on the IT environment you’re working with. Your IT Company should be ready to help you maneuver a successful plan.
  • Running on an outdated server can put your entire system and all of your sensitive data at risk. Obsolete software means unfixed security exposures leaving you susceptible to data loss and possible system downtime
  • Add-on products that your business is using in association with Windows Server 2003 will likely no longer be supported, leaving you with useless tools and insufficient means to complete tasks
  • Current compliance regulations have articles stating that companies must update their servers for critical threats. Server 2003 will no longer have updates as of July 15, 2015, resulting in compliance problems that could lead to major fines

If you’re still running on Windows Server 2003, your Bellevue, Redmond & Seattle IT service provider should be helping you to you craft a migration plan to move your servers over to a supported system. Neglecting to do so can leave your company data and entire network at risk. Finding the right transition for your business isn’t easy, but the right IT support company can help you device an effective transition plan.

For more information on the end of support for Windows 2003 server and how your business can avoid the potential risks that come along with it, contact Slivertip IT at or by phone at (425) 998-9199 today.

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